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We are so excited you are interested in sending in a submission to Ether(bound)! In order to submit your masterpieces in the best format possible, we do have a few things to ask of you:

Please submit no more than 8 pieces total. While we do enjoy receiving a high volume of submissions, we do have to sleep at some point in the semester.


Please format all written pieces in 12 pt. Times New Roman font- please. There are neither ants nor elephants on the editorial board and we hope to avoid announcing we are currently pausing submissions because of splitting headaches due to an unhealthy amount of squinting.


Please do not exceed 2500 words. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to publish the next Les Miserable or Odyssey.


Please send your written works as Word documents only. While we do enjoy living on the edge––aka off of coffee––we would prefer to avoid spending any more sleepless nights converting PDFs to Word documents. (If you are concerned about Word messing with the creative formatting of your pieces, feel free to send along the PDF version as well.)

Please send your other art and visual work as a JPEG.  Please make sure it is as high quality as possible.  Although we would probably enjoy analytically debating the usage of the blurriness as a mood-setter or metaphor for confusion, it might be better to know beforehand that it was simply a pixelated photograph instead.

Please submit a downloadable Vimeo link for film and video submissions. Also: include a warning to buy waterproof screen covers if your piece is likely to have us drowning in our own tears.

Please submit music as an MP3 file that does not exceed 50MB. Feel free to submit cover art, music videos, and song lyrics along with your music. 

Most of all, please know we are so very thankful that you have decided to share your creativity with us! We understand it takes bravery to share your work with strangers and we are honored to have been chosen to consider it for publication. No matter our decision, please continue to create and bless the world with art.

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