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Nate Vaccaro

Nate Vaccaro is a double major in English and Writing & Rhetoric in their senior year and is amazed and inspired by writing and art everyday. They love writing in all forms, whether its a critical literary essay or avant-garde poetry, and they believe the most valuable things in life are the promotion of the arts and strong coffee. It is Nate's absolute pleasure to help create a space where the URI community can showcase creative work.

Poetry Editor 2016-2018, Editor-in-Chief 2019

Lexie Gardiner

As a senior double majoring in communication studies and public relations, Lexie Gardiner is passionate about learning how all types of communication, especially written and visual messages, guide human relationships. She is hoping to advance a nonprofit organization in the health care or education industry in the future, but for now, Lexie is thrilled to work with many organizations at the University of  Rhode Island, including Ether(bound), the Academic Enhancement Center, and URI Eating Concerns Advisors. When she is not occupied with her public relations obsession, Lexie enjoys singing and playing a bunch of instruments, taking pictures of her cats and dog, and drinking Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.

Managing Editor 2018-2019

Hannah Klinger

Hannah is an Applied Mathematics major in her senior year. Through her studies, she hopes to develop a better understanding of the world through different perspectives and explore the universe both scientifically and creatively. Hannah combines her passion for the sciences and writing by incorporating her STEM knowledge into her poetry. When she's not crunching numbers or writing poems, you can find Hannah watching Buzzfeed Unsolved, drinking a root beer, and spending quality time with her cat Thor.

Website Manager 2017-2019 Social Media Manager 2018-2019

Hannah Tucker

Hannah is a double major in English and Writing & Rhetoric. Whether it be getting lost in the worlds of characters fictional or real, the emotions and movements of different poets, or finding happiness in making these come to life herself, living a life full of writing makes the outside world that much better. Hannah likes to remind people, and herself, that even if she doesn’t have a plan as long as she is writing she is happy. If there are things to be reading, and words to be forming, she is at peace. When she’s not reading or writing, she is either doing yoga, journaling, watching Friends, eating ice cream, spending time with her two cats and dog, or looking up and dreaming about all the animals to adopt in the (near) future. 

Poetry Editor 2018

Cynthia Munrayos

Cynthia is a double major in English and Journalism in her senior year. She is fascinated by creative writing like poetry because she can cross it over to lyrics with her music. She believes in promotion of local music, other arts, and her obsession for animals such as her dog, Sammy. Apart from school, she is the lead singer for URI-based alternative rock R&B band, grizzlies, and she aspires to dwell into the music industry and the journalism aspect to it as well.

Music Editor 2018-2019

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Zoe Comingore

Zoe Comingore is pushed professionally, creatively, and philosophically by the simple act of paying attention. While working on her Writing & Rhetoric and Spanish majors, she has learned that paying attention is the best way to take note and understand the ideas that shape our culture. These ideas exist in every act, decision, and artifact--from concrete to communication. She loves to study the connections between our thoughts, how we express them, and what they mean to us. Zoe sees Ether(bound) as a window into that hidden world, and loves taking part in sharing what can be found there.

Editor-in-Chief 2017-2018

Abigail Clarkin

Abigail Clarkin is an English and Writing and Rhetoric double-major in her senior year. She is in a complicated relationship with words but loves all aspects of writing, including being a part of the publishing process at Ether(bound). If not reading, writing poetry, or excitedly finding typos, she can often be found eating ice cream, training for half-marathons (in order to offset the ice cream), or working with kids. She dreams of changing the world through advocating literacy while simultaneously being a non-starving artist.

Managing Editor 2017-2018

Lianna Blakeman

Lianna is a senior majoring in English & Writing and Rhetoric. To Lianna, writing is a way to escape from her reality. If she wants to pretend she's in a world full of fairies and goblins, then by golly writing will get her there! There are no rules for writing, and though that power sometimes goes to her head, Lianna finds comfort in the fact that her writing is under no societal, cultural, or even syntactical restrictions. In her spare time, Lianna works in the Writing & Rhetoric Office, writes for the university newspaper, and hikes 4000 foot mountains in the dead of winter for fun.

Secretary 2017, Editor 2018

Kellie Pendergast

Kellie Pendergast is a senior student of Writing and Rhetoric. Writing fascinates and confounds them. They are very concerned with the way writing can play with the mind's faculties compared to other forms of media, particularly in experimental and hybrid forms. Kellie's goal is to become well-versed in many areas of nonfiction, and eventually to teach creative writing. They have experience with memoir, the lyric essay, and travel writing. They are currently applying to MFA programs across the country. A piece of Kellie's was published in Ether(bound)'s inaugural issue, and they would love to give other writers and artists the same opportunity.

Nonfiction Editor 2017-2018, Event Planner 2017

Gabby Chase

Gabrielle is a senior majoring in journalism and Spanish. She enjoys investigating and reporting on current events in written and visual mediums, and her passion for the Spanish language and culture comes from her Nicaraguan heritage. Her education that digresses from her two majors are focused on intersectional feminist works and the advocation of their messages. She has a little hobby in modeling and photography among friends that directs her to appreciating mostly visual art forms. At home are her brother and two little sisters, as well as her golden retriever, and she can fondly refer to all of them as her posse. Gabrielle shares a birthday with both Waka Flocka Flame and Walt Whitman. Namaste ॐ

Treasurer 2017-2018

Rook Lind-Yager

Rook, in addition to long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners, spends her time finding sparks of emotionally-charged concepts taken from everyday living and channeling them into various art forms. With a primary focus on the visual arts, she has spent many hours attempting to transmogrify a wholly uninspiring 6' X 6' blank sheet of paper into something that breathes with life. Rook's top priority in her short time here is to chase passion. Whether it's learning how an engine works, air-guitaring to a hearty bass line, or pumping iron at the gym, anything that can get her jived to be alive she considers well worth her time. She wholeheartedly believes that anything that makes your heart beat faster and fills your veins with fire ought to be run with til the end of the line. With a world tending towards the entropic, Rook finds balance in the simple beauty of small moments...and she is so glad to be a part of an organization that helps spread the idea that what you're passionate about is incredibly important. 

Visual Arts Editor 2017-2018

Sirena Cordova

Sirena is a junior Sociology major seeking knowledge about her surrounding world and its people. She believes that art in all its forms is a vessel through which we can genuinely express our passions and convey emotions that are otherwise difficult to speak of. She finds meaning in even the most arbitrary of things and is fascinated by the constructs of life that are constantly redefining what it means to be human.  In her free time, she enjoys drawing, writing, and taking long drives just to jam out to a good guitar solo or two.

Secretary 2017-2018

Sarah Leonard

Sarah is a senior double majoring in Biological Sciences and Spanish with a minor in Anthropology.  She was once told that she is easily enthused and didn't disagree in the slightest. Poetry, sculpture, painting, and music are her favorite art forms; she dabbles in all but is a master of none. In her personal life, she can be found outside looking for bugs, birds, and plants or inside playing ukulele. She feels most at home when sitting cross-legged with a field guide in her lap, attempting to ID the cool specimen she has just found. ​

Event Planner 2018

Ivy Davis

As a freshman art history major, Ivy is fascinated by the world. Through her studies, she hopes to have a better understanding of how art has shaped society and culture. In the future, she hopes to teach art history and inspire others to be curious about the world around them. When Ivy is not studying art, she is making art. She also enjoys writing poetry, reading fantasy, and drinking chai tea.

General Editor 2018

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Angela Nelson

Angela Nelson is a senior majoring in both English and Writing & Rhetoric. Angela is obsessed with writing’s ability to refer to that which is beyond calculability. She believes that it is only in the realm of the fictional and the artistic that we are able to figure true, ethical change. She is currently pursuing law school where she plans to focus her studies in civil rights advocacy. She hopes to use her legal education and love of narrative to help re-write the stories of those who are met with sociopolitical resistance. In her free time, she writes and reads poetry.

Editor-in-Chief 2016-2017

Mathew Finkler

Mathew Finkler is an English Major in his senior year at the University of Rhode Island. For Mathew, art is the unifying language of the human condition. Mathew is involved with Ether(bound) because he believes that the University of Rhode Island needs such a catalyst to assist in cultivating and supporting the artistic diversity that too often can become marginalized. He is in the process of pursuing a Masters Degree in clinical social work. In his free time he writes poetry and composes music. 

Managing Editor/Poetry Editor 2016-2017

Shannon Cron

Shannon is a senior biological sciences major. The meta-Shannon holds a near-constant curiosity of what a person and the world actually are; meanwhile, the practical-Shannon loves nature, etymology, and looking at things for extended periods of time to understand them. She seeks to move and be moved by way of conversation, poetry, and art. 

Visual Arts Editor 2016-2017

Rachel Langhill

Rachel is a senior Writing & Rhetoric major with a minor in Justice, Law, & Society. For Rachel, writing and being a part of Ether(bound) has helped her figure out who she is as a person. She feels she is able to articulate herself, and has a purpose when she writes.​ In the future, she hopes to work in social advocacy - mainly, writing to argue for lowering incarceration rates and ending the drug war. At home, her one-month-old Labradoodle Jack is her life.

Namaste ॐ

Website Manager 2016-2017

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