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Julia Unger


Julia Unger is a senior double majoring in English and Writing & Rhetoric. She believes that creating and studying art is a vital part of education. As a child, she could often be found reading Harry Potter in a tree in the backyard, and this attitude has not stopped since. She hopes to become a librarian to foster a love of literature and art in future generations. In her spare time, she can be found drinking coffee or calling her mom.

Kate Fish

Managing Editor & Treasurer

As a junior anthropology major, Kate is fascinated by human evolution and genetics. She knows that humans have the potential to create a world that is more equal and just, and that art is the perfect method to do so. Kate believes in the power of art in all varieties to bring people together and to celebrate our differences, so she encourages everyone to wield their artistic voice. In her spare time, Kate enjoys reading, painting pottery, and running. She is so excited to have found a welcoming home with the Ether(bound) team. 

Leanna Lobo

Fiction Editor

Leanna Lobo is a junior Writing and Rhetoric major passionate about the arts. She loves seeing how others express themselves through writing and artwork. As a fiction writer, Leanna believes she has found the perfect place at ether(bound) to study other techniques, become inspired, and to be a part of a team that shares similar values. At home, Leanna can be found glued to her computer creating characters and worlds, or playing The Sims. 

Kaylee Maynard


Kaylee is a junior and is a double major in English and Writing & Rhetoric. She is very excited to be working on the Ether(bound) Board, as she hopes to become a publisher one day. Some of her hobbies included reading, petting dogs, and hiking. A fun fact about Kaylee is that she already has over two hundred books in her personal library collection, and hopes to continue to grow it over the coming years. 

Sam Eleuterio

Treasurer & Prose Editor

Sam Eleuterio is a junior at URI. He is aiming for a Writing & Rhetoric and Education double major, with a minor in Philosophy of Religion. He transferred to URI from CCRI after a two year hiatus from school after graduating high school in 2014. Living proof that statistics about returning to school are often not the case. He is writing a fantasy novel. When he needs a break from that short stories and poetry. Favorite authors include Franz Kafka, Edgar Allen Poe, Douglas Adams, and many more. When he isn't involved with words he is listening to music, playing cards, or watching TV on a laptop.

Maddie Perfit-Hart

Social Media & Website Manager 

Maddie is a senior, double majoring in English and Film Media Studies. She is inspired by the beauty of the human experience, and feels that creative writing is a great way to engage with the kind of beauty that often goes unnoticed. She also feels that creative writing is a great way for individuals to connect on the most human level, and is thrilled to be apart of a community that aims to make this possible. Maddie hopes to one day work in screenwriting, but for now, Maddie enjoys practicing yoga, cooking delicious vegan meals, and watching Portlandia. 

Bridget Elmore

Event Planner

Bridget is a freshman English major who loves learning and making her own clothes, but not the ones with Winnie the Pooh—she stole those from her mom. Bridget plans on being a published author one day relatively soon, and a lot of the time, you can find her crying in a tree because of how pretty the sky is. She fell in love with literary arts magazines in high school when she was the only person who really cared about their lit-mag, and she’s so happy to have found such an awesome place for arts and writing as ether(bound).

Laura Merker

Non-Fiction Editor 

Laura is a German Fulbright student for English at URI. She is particularly interested in historical fiction, children’s literature, and the interplay between reality and fiction in literature. She supports a strictly descriptive approach to literature and loves engaging in critical discussions about fictional and non-fictional texts. She is extremely happy that she has found such a nice and welcoming group of like-minded literature- and art-lovers at (ether)bound. In her free-time, Laura can most often be seen reading, baking, or watching British crime series.

Maria Cherry

Music Editor 

Maria is a sophomore Nutrition & Dietetics major with a minor in International Development. She first came into URI with a writing & rhetoric major but life always has its way of twisting itself. She still very much enjoys writing poetry and music and hopes to keep it with her as she grows. Some of her hobbies include cooking, reading self-help books, and watching shows at the local 193 Coffee House. 

Haley Corsetti

Copy Editor 

Haley is a Human Development and Family Studies major with a concentration in family settings. In the future, she hopes to work in special education to help students get the schooling and help they deserve. In her free time she loves watching movies, her favorite being Amelie at the moment, rock climbing, and seeing the beauty in everyday life.

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